Samantha Becker

Stretch Therapist

Samantha Becker has an extensive background and professional experience in rehabilitation and stretch therapy. Her impressive resume includes certifications in healthcare quality and home healthcare, stretch & ART (active release technique), and knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Early in her career she interned at Aventura Hospital where she operated portable x-ray equipment in both emergency and hospital rooms to assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment. She spent several years as a home healthcare professional assisting patients with daily living activities not limited to physical support exercises and range of motion activities. During this tenure she expanded her attention to detail by incorporating detailed recordings of patient progress in order to identify potential problem areas. Fitness is a big part of Samantha’s daily lifestyle. She believes pre and post workout stretching are necessary components to abate injury and promote proper rehabilitation of muscles, joints, ligaments, and other connective tissues. As a certified stretch therapist she has worked with patients of all ages, body types, and physical capabilities constantly assessing injuries, areas of concern, and rehab programs whereby tailoring or altering routines as necessary to bring patients back to their best quality of life for their circumstance.