Manuel Lacayo

Licensed Massage Thearapist

Manuel is a licensed massage therapist and received his education at Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami, Florida.

In his words, "Massage has combined many things I love in life, from science, spirituality, to interpersonal work. I have assisted clients with everything from pure relaxation to pain relief, and full-body massages to more targeted therapeutic massages. I practice a ‘wholistic’ approach to my therapy sessions. That means I take into account the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies in any given moment. My intention is to provide a space that any client can feel comfortable in order to maximize the effectiveness of our work together. This is done by being focused and intentional with the work we do in our sessions. My therapeutic approach includes listening to the clients’ wants and needs, being attuned to the receptivity of the tissue, awareness of my clients’ breath and the tension of any structure, then responding and adjusting appropriately to provide what is needed most in the moment. Just as important during the session is the balancing act that occurs throughout the body from muscle to muscle and then to focus the soft-tissue manipulation with that in mind. I pride myself in my technical knowledge and skills, as well as knowing the difference between a person’s limits and providing the message that meets their individual needs. In summary, I genuinely love engaging in this work and am ecstatic to provide a form of service that is effective, needed, and enjoyable."


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