• Fri-yay

    The story goes, back in the day in New York City when there where parking meters, (yes, there was a time when you actually had to put quarters into a machine to park your car), a homeless man approached a gentleman and asked if he needed 4 quarters for a dollar? ...

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  • Don’t Believe Everything You Think

    Your attempt may fail, but never fail to make an attempt. Elephants, when they are very young and much smaller, are bound by a simple rope to tie them to a stake in the ground.  When they are older and larger in size, it’s enough for the ...

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  • Fri yay – Opioids

    During an opioid overdose, the brain betrays the body. A single event—be it a rush of heroin (yes, heroin is classified as an opioid) or fentanyl or a semisynthetic prescription painkiller like oxycodone—sets off a series of repercussions: The drug travels from the bloodstream to the ...

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  • Do You Take My Insurance?

    This is a common question that we are asked at Integrated Physical Therapy.  When delving into this seemingly deep conversation with patients, it becomes quickly evident that many people do not actually understand their benefits or insurance plans. It also becomes quickly evident to the patient that the current ...

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  • Fri Yay

    Nuna is a healthcare technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Their mission is to help make high-quality healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone. They do this by building data solutions for healthcare payers and providers to measure and improve their cost and quality outcomes. Nuna was founded by Jini ...

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