Pelvic Health FAQ

Pelvic Health FAQ

What do Pelvic Therapists Do?

Pelvic Therapists are specialized in treating a wide variety of pelvic and abdominal health conditions. These conditions may include pregnancy and postpartum conditions, diastasis recti, chronic pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual dysfunction, and post-operative abdominal or pelvic surgery.

What qualifications do your PT’s have?

In addition to a doctoral degree in physical therapy, our licensed Pelvic PT’s have been educated in pelvic health by the two major certifying organizations in the country: APTA Pelvic Academy and Herman & Wallace Institute.

What do I need to bring for my visit?

Please bring any documentation relevant to your concern. This may include physician referral, imaging reports, medication lists, or past medical/surgical history. If you are unsure, call our office before your visit, and we will assist.

Do you have Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a device PT’s can use to monitor the output of the pelvic floor muscles. There are multiple ways to incorporate biofeedback into your treatment plan. Based on your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will select the approach best suited for you.

How long is the average treatment plan?

Treatment plans are tailored to each patient and their condition. The average treatment plan tends to last 10 visits over 6-12 weeks (about 3 months).

Do you take insurance?

We are an out-of-network provider of pelvic health services.  Through your intake process, we will verify your out-of-network benefits to provide you with the best option for your plan of care. Our self-pay rate is $225 per session. We offer special package pricing for 8 and 12 visits for self-pay patients committing to a plan of care.

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