Myofascial Intensive Scheduling

Myofascial Intensive Scheduling

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To provide an intensive level of care for patients with chronic pain. This is appropriate for the patients who:

  • Have long term, complicated pain or disease which has not responded to other forms of therapy
  • Experiences relief from sessions but symptoms return once back to typical daily life
  • Have experienced trauma
  • Want to explore how emotions play a part in resolving pain
  • Want a “personal sabbatical” experience with mind body wellness as a foundation

Intensive scheduling for myofascial release involves a strategic approach to the therapeutic technique, whereby individuals participate in four or five consecutive days of two-hour sessions. 

The primary purpose of such an intensive schedule is to accelerate the rehabilitation and healing process for individuals dealing with myofascial pain and dysfunction.

By condensing multiple sessions into a short time frame, this approach aims to achieve several potential results:

Breakthrough Progress: Intensive scheduling allows for more frequent and prolonged exposure to myofascial release techniques, potentially expediting progress. It can help break down stubborn adhesions and tension in the fascia more rapidly, offering relief to those suffering from chronic pain.

Deeper Release: Longer sessions over multiple days enable therapists to work more comprehensively on the affected areas, facilitating a deeper release of tension and improved mobility. The cumulative effect of the sessions can yield a more profound impact on the fascial system.

Consistency: Regular, frequent sessions help maintain a consistent focus on the issue at hand. This sustained attention to myofascial release can be particularly beneficial in addressing chronic conditions that may have been unresponsive to less concentrated treatment plans.

Recovery and Rehabilitation: For individuals recovering from injury or surgery, an intensive schedule can aid in the restoration of range of motion and function. It can significantly contribute to the recovery process by promoting tissue healing and reducing scar tissue formation.

Improved Body Awareness: The close proximity of sessions allows individuals to develop a heightened awareness of their body's sensations, postural habits, and muscular imbalances. This self-awareness can empower individuals to take an active role in their healing and prevention of future issues.

It is essential to note that the effectiveness of such an approach will vary from person to person, depending on their specific condition, but it offers an intriguing alternative for those seeking a more rapid resolution to myofascial issues.

Myofascial Release Intensive Scheduling Week:

- With Luan Menda - Expert Myofascial Release Therapist/Pelvic Floor Therapist

  • 8 hour (4 day) package   - $1,339.20
  • 10 hour (5 day) package - $1,944.00

- With Craig Cohen - Expert Myofascial Release Therapist/Expert Functional Movement Therapist

  • 8 hour (4 day) package   - $2,046.00
  • 10 hour (5 day) package - $2,970.00

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