• Reflections On Getting Just a Little Bit Older

    Comedian Billy Gardell quips, “You know you’re getting older when you hurt yourself sleeping.” I often quote this to my friends and patients to lighten the mood when they are in pain in the morning after a night’s sleep. But the reality is, we are getting older.

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  • Do You Have ‘Duck Feet’?

    Take a look down at your feet. Do your feet point straight ahead, or do they point out? If your feet point out, this is what is commonly called being duck-footed. (Yes there is a more technical term, but for this we’re calling it duck foot) How Can You ...

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  • Understanding Myofascial Release Therapy

    The use of Myofascial Release is based on decades old methods that have recently been ‘discovered’ in the scientific research into fascia research.  This has fundamentally changed our view of human anatomy, and therefore our approach and treatment of orthopedic, chronic pain and trauma-based conditions. When you&...

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